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Cobe was founded in 2006 by the architect Dan Stubbergaard. Today, the company is an international hub of more than 150 dedicated professionals devoted to creating extraordinary cities, landscapes and buildings that immediately make a difference in the everyday and contribute to a future-proof urban life.

We are rooted in the Scandinavian design tradition and work with all typologies and scales. From design objects, urban spaces, landscapes and buildings – to urban and strategic development plans for districts and cities. Our office is situated in a converted warehouse in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn, wherefrom we export our knowledge, expertise, mindset and values to cities across the globe.

cobe office dan stubbergaard by rasmus hjortshoj coast

Cobe was founded by the architect Dan Stubbergaard. With his unique architectural talent, Dan is behind numerous iconic, award-winning design projects, and has received several awards and honours.

Dan Stubbergaard founded Cobe in 2006. He is trained as an architect from The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, in Copenhagen. Inspired by the transformation of Copenhagen from an industrial port city to a beacon for liveability and sustainability, he is the leading figure in Cobe’s work to create surroundings that actively contribute to extraordinary everyday life. He believes architects have a profound responsibility to create resilient, long-term solutions that improve life – cities, buildings and landscapes that are made to outlast our generation.

Having received national and international acclaim for his work, including the C.F. Hansen Royal Medal from the Danish Academy Council in 2020, Nykredit’s Architecture Award in 2012 and the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale in 2006, he has designed and completed award-winning projects globally. He holds visiting professorships abroad, among others at the University of Washington in Seattle. He is a frequent speaker in public debates and lectures at universities, cultural institutions, conferences and symposiums around the world.

We live in a
1:1 laboratory
cobe office exterior view
cobe office exterior depanneur

Cobe is a laboratory for architecture on every scale – from our first iterations of design models outlining solutions for tomorrow’s challenges to buildings, landscapes and cities in a scale of 1:1. Since 2018, our studio has been located in the new bustling city district of Nordhavn in Copenhagen, ten years after winning the master plan competition for the area. It has brought with it many spin-off projects, including The Silo, The Tip of Redmolen, Kronløb Island and many others.

cobe office exterior area

Inner Nordhavn contains a large number of Cobe’s projects as well as our studio.

A laboratory
for architecture
cobe office interior office

We believe in co-creation and have developed a workplace culture, where it seems much more natural to say “we” rather than “I”. All extraordinary ideas and designs that come out of our laboratory for architecture are the result of a collaborative process and dialogue among team members, clients, users and stakeholders.

cobe office diagram
cobe office interior office
cobe office interior office

Our studio is located in the old industrial harbour of Nordhavn that Cobe has been transforming into a new Copenhagen neighbourhood since winning the master plan competition in 2008. Pakhus 54 was built for the East Asian Company in 1953 and contains a special part of the history of Nordhavn. When transforming the old warehouse, we have tried to retain as much of the old harbour heritage atmosphere as possible.

cobe office interior office
cobe office model shop
cobe office interior office meeting room

Our studio is located in a transformed warehouse with raw concrete walls. The space has been opened up with floor-to-ceiling windows overlooking the water. In between the large columns, the office is designed as a village with small houses and plazas that allows for both formal and informal meetings.

cobe office from up
cobe office interior model lab
cobe office interior model lab

Since models are an integral part of our design and communication toolkit, we have a large model workshop equipped with state-of-the-art machines, materials and dedicated staff.

cobe office interior shelves
cobe office interior chair

We recognize that we have a big responsibility towards our clients, the planet and the future users of our projects. We take this responsibility seriously, and we commit to reducing our carbon footprint to less than it is today. To get as close as possible to CO₂ neutrality, we offset all our carbon emissions.

cobe office diagram

Pie chart of Cobe’s CO₂ emissions for 2018, which helps us reduce and prioritize.

to Cobe

As architecture influences people’s everyday lives, we believe that it should always be up for discussion as something that is involved in defining our life, our society and our basis for creating a more sustainable future. Therefore, we have created a platform for discussion: Cobe Sessions, which is a recurring event held at our studio in Copenhagen’s Nordhavn district. Future Cobe Sessions will be posted on our news.

cobe office talk poster
cobe office talk poster
cobe office talk poster
cobe office talk poster from c40 to 2025

We invite different actors from the world of architecture, decision makers and thinkers to share and discuss their thoughts and ideas.