Karen Blixens Plads

Copenhagen, Denmark

The square works as a campus landscape with an important functional role as well as a recreational resource. The necessary infrastructure is turned into a three-dimensional community hang-out.

cobe goteborg university library exterior
Gothenburg University Library

Gothenburg, Sweden

Gothenburg University Library will be a new meeting place for knowledge to flourish – between academia and society – between teachers, students, researchers and visitors.

COBE Tingbjerg-Library Copenhagen cHuftonCrow 016
Tingbjerg Library

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tingbjerg Library is part of an ambitious strategy to revive the Tingbjerg area in Copenhagen and restore a sense of pride. A local community center and an iconic learning and knowledge center offer a place for the residents to meet across cultural barriers.

cobe paper island exterior
Paper Island

Copenhagen, Denmark

The new Paper Island is based on the re-imagination of the unique spirit of the place. The island will celebrate the Copenhagen way of life and the city’s culture, transformed form an industrial paper storage site to a place for people.

cobe operapark model trees
The Opera Park

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Opera Park is a new public park on the Copenhagen harbour front designed for recreation and contemplation in the middle of the dense city center. The park will feature more than 80 different species of trees, plants and flowers – injecting an island of biodiversity into the city’s heart.