cobe news new local plans for nordhavnen ahead

New local plans for Nordhavn ahead

Three new local plans within the Nordhavn area are under way. During the fall of 2012 and the spring of 2013, the plans for ‘Århusgadekvarteret Vest’, ‘Trælastholmen’ and ‘Levantkaj Vest’ have been developed, comprising of a total of 250,000 m² mixed office, commercial, housing and educational program. The new areas all follow the concept of the original structure plan for Nordhavn, won in an open international competition in 2009 where canals are excavated to create islets, each with their own character and identity.

All three areas take into account the construction of the new Nordhavn Metro line with stations and structures designed by Cobe in collaboration with Rambøll and Arup, due to open in 2019.

The local plans are expected to be adopted by the City of Copenhagen by the end of 2013.