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Cobe to design new neighbourhood in Dortmund

Cobe has won the competition to design Dortmund’s new harbor neigbourhood, 'Hafenquartier Speicherstrasse', the transformation of the biggest channel harbor in Europe. The winning project focuses on creating a city where creativity, technology and sustainability goes hand in hand, giving new life to the abandoned industrial buildings at the harbor front. This includes the re-use of a silo and an enormous industrial 13,000 m² hall, transforming it into a new technology campus with auditoriums, workshops, exhibition spaces and foodhalls for the city’s booming tech-industry and creative start-up companies.

Make sure to visit the exhibition about the project at Studieninstitut Ruhr, Königswall 25-27, 44137 Dortmund, opening today at 6:00 pm in connection with the award ceremony.