31.05.2019 Køge North Station opens to the public

Today, His Royal Highness The Crown Prince inaugurated Køge North Station - a 225 meter long pedestrian bridge and train station built above the busiest motorway in Denmark, the Køge Bay Motorway. 


Køge North Station will not only be a sustainable traffic hub for the public transport of the entire Copenhagen region connecting high-speed trains, local trains and the Køge Bay Motorway, but also a distinctive landmark in the area. In addition to the pedestrian bridge and train station, the project generously consists of an associated park and ride facility.  


The station is expected to serve six local trains and three regional highspeed trains per hour direction, with around 90.000 people passing through the area daily. A significant step on the commute for the expected 8.000 daily users and symbol of Køge and Denmark's strive towards a sustainable, green and CO2 neutral future. 

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