Ordrupgaard Museum

Location: Charlottenlund, Denmark

Client: Ordrupgaard

Program: Museum extension

Size: 1,685 m²

Status: Competition 2012

Collaborators: MVRDV, Rambøll, Topotek1, Bartenbach LichtLabor

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Thomas Krarup, Rasmus Hjortshøj, Mateusz Mastalski

Ordrupgaard is a museum located almost secretly in a forest near Jægersborg Deer Park. This project creates an underground extension of the museum which holds one of Scandinavia's largest Impressionist collections. Instead of seeing the extension as an underground expansion, we see it as a valley with strong connections to the garden above. The roof is designed as a crackled pattern similar to a pointillist painting. The galleries ‘break’ through the roof and become part of the roof composition – just as their openings draw in light to the space below. The roof surface thus becomes a garden in the park and the visitor, through their journey, becomes a part of the pointillist picture.