Location: Esbjerg, Denmark

Client: City of Esbjerg, Esbjerg Havn, Udviklingsselskabet Esbjerg Dokhavn, Realdania

Program: Pedestrian and bicycle bridge, and harbor promenade

Size: 280 m bridge

Status: 1st prize in competition in 2015, completed in 2018

Collaborators: JORTON, Valmont SM, MOE, Krabbenhøft & Ingolfsson

Awards: Byplanprisen 2018, Esbjerg Byfonds Pris 2018     

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Rasmus Jessing, Caroline Nagel, Alexander Ejsing, Morten Emil Engel, Dorte Buckhardt Westergaard, Iben Marie Borbye Pedersen, Mads Knak, Jonas Snedevind, Jens Kert Wagner, Emmeily Zhang, Lucrezia Biasutti, Johan Lund Pedersen, Michal Michalowsky

Landgangen is a pedestrian bridge and a harbour promenade located in the city of Esbjerg on the Danish west coast. Until now, the city center and the industrial harbour area have been left disconnected. Wedged in between these two areas is the city park - a forest landscape of steep hills and valleys. Landgangen acts as a unifying element between these contexts; city, industry, and landscape. The bridge and promenade are designed using a ‘branch’ as an overall design parameter, superimposed as a light hovering structure that finds its way, twisting and turning, from the city to the harbour in an unpredictable rhythm that branches out into vantage points, plateaus, stairs and connecting pathways.