Helsinki Central Library

Location: Helsinki, Finland

Client: Helsinki Municipality

Program: Library 

Size: 10,000 m2

Status: Competition 2012

Collaborators: Buro Happold Denmark

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Eik Bjerregaard, Greta Tiedje, Ole Storjohan, Chloé Blain

Our proposal for the new library in Helsinki establishes a new type of library – a 'Library City' which is specifically dedicated to the public.

The library city is inspired by the diversity and density of the city, as it incorporates venues of different thematic characters and qualities within a single building. By subdividing the building program into smaller entities, each of them obtaining a human scale, the library becomes a continuation of the city space of Helsinki. Not only is it a complex series of spaces and activities but also an architectural landmark, standing out clearly in the urban context as part of the 'pearl necklace' of cultural institutions surrounding Finlandia Park.