Frederiksberg Allé 41

Location: Frederiksberg, Copenhagen, Denmark

Client: Klaus Kastbjerg and NRE Denmark

Program: House of Food Culture and 30 apartments on top of the new Frederiksberg Allé metro station

Size: 3.500 m2

Status: 1st prize in competition in 2016, completion in 2019

Collaborators: Consulting Engineer Arne Elkjær

Team: Dan Stubbergaard, Thomas Krarup, Sonia Bom, Steffen Ommundsen, Marine Pierson, Rasmus Hjortshøj, Anna Pieranska

House of Food Culture is a new building on the prominent avenue, Frederiksberg Allé, in Copenhagen. The tree-lined, Parisian inspired avenue, is one of the most significant historic avenues in the Danish capital. House of Food Culture will include food stalls, workshops and educational facilities and will be built on top of the entrance to one of the new stations on Copenhagen's coming metro city ring. On top of the House of Food Culture, 5 townhouses including 30 housing units surrounds an intimate, green courtyard. With an estimated daily flow of 10,000 people, House of Food Culture will be one of the capital’s new central meeting places and a focal point for urban life.